Friday, August 20, 2010

Trivita Nopalea Natural Anti-Inflammation Health Alternative

We often make medicine a lot more complex than it really is.  We see chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, alzheimer's as separate diseases.  However,, in reality, they are just simply different manifestations of inflammation.  We know about classic inflammation, when we feel pain, that's why you go see a Doctor.  However, we now know that there is a second type of inflammation, silent inflammation.  Silent inflammation is inflammation that goes below the perception of pain, and since there is no pain, there is nothing to stop it.  This type of inflammation can attack your organs every cell in your organs, over periods of years if not decades.  Until there is enough internal organ damage that is  called, chronic disease.

Now, how do you know if you havesilent inflammation?  There is a blood test, but if you are like me, you probably hate to take blood tests. Is there any other indication that you may have high levels of silent inflammation? There's no one factor, but there is a litany of questions you can ask, and if you can answer yes to 3 or more of these questions its quite likely you have high levels of silent inflammation. 

The first question is, Are you overweight? Well there are 2/3 of Americans right there.
Another question might be.. Are you taking cholesterol lowering drugs like statins?
Are you taking drugs for hypertension like beta blockers or diuretics?
Are you constantly groggy from wakening?
Are you constantly craving carbohydrates throughout the day?
Are you fatigued throughout the day?
Are your fingernails brittle?

If you can answer yes to 3 or more of these questions, you probably have high levels of silent inflammation.

There's no drug known to science that can reverse silent inflammation but there are natural properties in the Nopal cactus that can.  Those who have incorporated Nopalea, a natural juice derived from the whole nopal cactus, included in their diet have seen
significant reductions in silent inflammation and chronic inflammation.  Controlling that, opens up your pathway for wellness.

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